The main purpose of StAR is to develop, monitor, analyze and report on the metrics within the campus strategic plan and other strategic reports. In addition, StAR provides expertise to divisions and units in developing metrics to meet identified goals.    

Committee Responsibilities

  • Assist in drafting the strategic plan and strategic action plan;
  • Monitor and report on strategic plan and other strategic reporting metrics;
  • Assess institutional effectiveness data annually (e.g., IPEDS, diversity, equity & inclusion gaps, Perkins Report Card) and make recommendations for consideration by Executive and College Councils for areas of opportunity or concern to be addressed.
  • Communicate processes and results of various StAR activities, meetings, and recommendations to College Council and at convocation.


Membership is based on position at the College; staff and faculty is on a rotating basis. Chair position is selected annually.

  • Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Reporting & Grants Coordinator
  • (1) Registrar’s Office
  • (1) Staff (professional or classified)
  • (2) Faculty

Executive Council Liaison

Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Term Limits

No term limits for identified roles, two-year terms for faculty and staff (renewable).