Great Falls College MSU relies on the work of its committees and councils to meet the work of our strategic plan and ensure mission fulfillment, as well as provide our students with a quality education.


Executive Council

The Executive Council works collaboratively to provide strategic and operational leadership to fulfill the mission and vision of the college.

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College Council

The College Council ensures the policies and procedures support the college’s strategic plan and mission.

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Curriculum Council

Consider, make recommendations to, and approve curriculum proposals originating from faculty, programs, departments, chairs, Faculty Senate, and Curriculum Committee.

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Standing Committees

Administrative Unit Review

The Administrative Unit Review Committee supports the mission of Great Falls College MSU by facilitating the self-evaluation of campus units using established criteria. 

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team is a volunteer group of faculty and staff working to identify diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) needs and make recommendations to the Executive Council.

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D.R.E.A.M. - Driving Retention & Educational AttainMent

Develop and facilitate implementation of campus-wide, sustainable strategies and practices to increase student persistence in support of the college’s student retention,completion, and strategic enrollment management goals, including closing equity gaps. The goals will align withthe strategic plan, and college and community needs.

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eLearning Committee

The eLearning Committee functions as an advisory body for multi-modal instruction and other technology initiatives, serving as a bridge between the Teaching and Learning Center and IT.The committee supports the institutional goals of persistence and retention by ensuringa consistent, cohesive, quality learning experience for students across delivery modes. 

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Employee Engagement

Develop, plan, and implement a variety of employee engagement activities.

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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate seeks to advance the welfare of the College and promote communication within the academic community of faculty, administration, staff and students by providing a forum for Informal discussion of academic opportunities and concerns, within departments, across campus, and at the system level.

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Internal Academic Program Review

The Internal Academic Program Review Committee supports the mission of Great Falls College MSU by evaluating campus academic programs using established criteria in accordance with the campus’ academic program review schedule.

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Perkins Committee

Prioritize Perkins projects based on the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment.

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The purpose of the Safety Committee is to reduce the incidence of occupational injury and illness among employees by promoting safety in the workplace.

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Staff Senate - Coming Soon

StAR - Strategic Analysis & Reporting

The main purpose of StAR is to develop, monitor, analyze and report on the metrics within the campus strategic plan and other strategic reports.

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Strategic Enrollment Management

Use a data-informed process to align fiscal, academic, student support and engagement, and enrollment resources to accomplish the college’s mission and strategic plan, ensuring the college’s long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.

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Student Government - Coming Soon

Student Learning Assessment

The Student Learning Assessment Committee members serve as champions of outcomes-based student learning assessment.

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Tenure & Promotion

The purpose of the Tenure & Promotion Committee is to promote excellence in teaching and learning and to ensure a fair and comprehensive review of candidates applying for tenure and/or promotion.

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Advisory Boards

Development Board

The Development Board is an advisory group that serves Great Falls College by developing the non-grant fundraising plans that support the program and student support priorities of Great Falls College. Development Board members are also community advocates of the college, connecting the community to the programs, trainings, and educational opportunities offered.

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Program Advisory Boards - Coming Soon