The purpose of the Safety Committee is to reduce the incidence of occupational injury and illness among employees by promoting safety in the workplace in order to provide a safer working environment for all employees and to control the costs of claims for workers' compensation insurance.  

Areas of Responsibility

  • Make training and education available to all employees to improve safety awareness on the campus;  
  • Conduct annual safety self-inspections (as required by MT statute);  
  • Make spending decisions for annual Safety Smart allocation   
  • Review workers compensation claims  
  • Distribute safety supplies as needed  


  • Staff at large
  • Executive Director of Operations
  • Facilities Director
  • General Studies science faculty or staff members
  • GFPS Career & College Readiness Center staff (ex-officio)
  • Health Science faculty or staff member
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Welding faculty or staff members

Term Limits

Faculty members serve a 2-year term.