Business and Accounting

Accounting and business

Business majors are interested in understanding how a business operates, managing people and situations, marketing, solving problems, creating financial information, and analyzing data.  Business graduates work in all types of professional environments including small businesses, large corporations, governments, and not-for-profit organizations.

All business majors will complete coursework in business fundamentals, business law, accounting, computer applications, and written communication.  Business majors can choose to specialize in many fields including accounting, management, finance, marketing, agribusiness, or business information systems.

Programs at GFC MSU

Accounting (A.A.S.)

Office Management & Supervision (A.A.S.)

Office Support (C.A.S.)

Sample Transfer Paths for Business and Accounting

Semester 1

Course   Credits  Notes       
WRIT 101 College Writing I 3 Requires placement      
M 105 Contemporary Mathmatics 3 Requires placement. See an advisor for other math options  
ACTG 101 Accounting Procedures I 3         
BGEN 105 Introduction to Business 3         
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office 3         
  Total 15         

Semester 2

ACTG 102 Accounting Procedures II 3         
ECNS 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3         
STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics 4         
Humanities Core   3         
Science Core   4         
  Total 17         

Semester 3

ACTG 201 Principles of Financial Accounting 3         
ECNS 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3         
COMX 115 Intro  to Interpersonal Communication 3         
BGEN 235 Business Law 3         
Humanities Core   3         
  Total 15         

Semester 4

ACTG 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3         
WRIT 220 Business and Professional Writing 3         
Science Core   3         
Native American Studies 3 Fulfills Cultural Diversity and Cultural Heritage of American Indians core requirements
Elective   3         
  Total 15         
  Total credits 62