The Student Learning Assessment Committee members serve as champions of outcomes-based student learning assessment, promoting its importance to the college mission, and supporting ongoing and effective assessment practices by educating and mentoring faculty. 

Areas of Responsibility

  • In collaboration with the director of teaching and learning innovation, assist faculty in implementing effective classroom or programmatic assessment practices through mentoring and peer-to-peer support.
  • Review annual program assessment documents, make recommendations, and offer feedback to support meaningful assessment and programmatic improvements.
  • With the support of the director of teaching and learning innovation, make recommendations for institutional use of student learning assessment data, including suggestions for resource allocation.  
  • Advise with innovation by providing feedback about the institutional student learning assessment process and report design. Guide the development and revision of relevant policies and procedures.


  • Chair: Julie Barnwell
  • Co-Chair: Doug Zander
  • At least three faculty representing each division (at least one faculty per division)

Term Limits

  • Chair: 2 years
  • Faculty: 4 years