Develop and facilitate implementation of campus-wide, sustainable strategies and practices to increase student persistence in support of the college’s student retention, completion, and strategic enrollment management goals, including closing equity gaps. The goals will align with the strategic plan, and college and community needs.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Foster pre-program and general education persistence, as well as other at-risk groups
  • Review data to identify areas of concern and of success to inform action plans
  • Make recommendations to relevant areas to implement evidence-based best practices that support student success
  • Implement measures to ensure students are able to complete articulated goals
  • Coordinate with other campus groups to identify and clear barriers for students (DEI, TLC, etc.) 


Members will include:

  • Executive Director of Instruction & Student Success
  • Director of Advising
  • Director of Academic Success & Disability Services
  • Assistant Director of Enrollment & Retention
  • Director of Student CARE
  • 2 Faculty 

Term Limits

Faculty - End of Strategic Plan to promote continuity of committee work.