The eLearning Committee functions as an advisory body for multi-modal instruction and other technology initiatives, serving as a bridge between the Teaching and Learning Center and IT.The committee supports the institutional goals of persistence and retention by ensuringa consistent, cohesive, quality learning experience for students across delivery modes. 

Areas of Responsibility

  • Review proposed campus software selections intended to support and enable effective teaching and learning practices; make recommendations to IT and other relevant stakeholders. 
  • Review existing campus technology and support structures, making suggestions for improvement when needed.  
  • Provide feedback to the Teaching and Learning Center regarding the course quality review process and tools. 
  • Solicit recommendations from colleagues and make suggestions to the Teaching and Learning Center regarding faculty professional development needs. 
  • Mentor faculty and support them in adopting innovative teaching methods and using new and existing technology in all course modalities 
  • Articulate and review key metrics related to online learning, e.g., student success rates and learner engagement, to recommend campus improvement goals. 
  • Give feedback on proposed teaching and learning initiatives based on current trends and research. 


Membership is based on position at the Great Falls College; staff and faculty serve on a rotating basis. Chair is the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning.

  • Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Center (chair, permanent)
  • Instructional Designer (permanent)
  • Instructional Technologist (permanent)
  • Director of IT (permanent)
  • (1-2 faculty) Health Sciences
  • (1-2 faculty) Career and Technical Education
  • (1-2 faculty) General Studies
  • (1-2 staff) Student Services

Executive Council Liaison

  • Executive Director of Instruction

Term Limits

No term limits for identified roles, three-year terms for faculty and staff (renewable once).