Strategic planning: A process in which an organization defines their vision for the future and identifies their goals and objectives.

Strategic plan: A product of the strategic planning process that documents and communicates decisions made during the planning process.

Pillar: The objectives that resulted from the strategic planning process. Great Falls College refers to these objectives as pillars in Forging Futures. They help set a general direction for the strategic plan.

Strategic plan goal: The goals identified by the college that are in the strategic plan.

Metric: A measurement of the strategic plan goals.

Target metric: A specific numerical goal.

Unit and committee strategic goals: The goals identified by units and committees that directly align with strategic plan metrics.

Strategic action plan: the document where all units and committees track the progress towards their strategic goals.

Strategic initiative or strategic plan initiative: How the strategic plan goals will be achieved.

Strategic plan alignment (direct): Work that directly relates to a unit or committee’s strategic goal and will be documented in their strategic action plan.

Strategic plan alignment (indirect): Work that does not directly relate to a unit or committee’s strategic goal and which will not be documented in any strategic action plan, but could potentially affect one or more target metrics in the strategic plan (e.g., Second Chance Pell, sprint degrees, grant projects).