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Strategic Plan

Great Falls College MSU's 2009-2013 Strategic Plan incorporates three strategic priorities. Each priority guides the College's divisions in a unified effort to move the College forward.   

  1. INCREASE TRANSFER STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Increase the number of students participating in and completing programs that result in their successful transfer to a Bachelor degree program.
  2. INCREASE ADULT STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Increase the number of adult students participating in and earning a post-secondary credential.
  3. INCREASE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Increase the number of high school students participating in early college activities leading to college credit.
  4. INCREASE SUCCESS RATE IN DEVELOPMENTAL COURSEWORK: Increase the rate at which students succeed in developmental coursework (primarily Math and English), enroll in and successfully complete their first college- level courses in the same disciplines.
  5. DECREASE WITHDRAWAL RATE (new for 2012-2013): Decrease the withdrawal rate in all coursework for GFC MSU. In addition, the rates in developmental math and writing, and in college-level coursework, will be tracked.

The plan calls for the College to work closely with partners in education, business, and industry to enable more students to succeed in achieving their educational goals. The Strategic Plan is a living document reviewed each year to ensure the College's efforts are innovative, adaptable, and relevant to identified needs. This provides a foundation for a better future for the students of Great Falls College MSU, its communities, and the state of Montana.

2011 Strategic Plan Progress Report
2010 Strategic Plan Progress Report