Runners on the Rivers Edge Trail

1. Walk the River’s Edge Trail

Stretching almost 60 miles along both sides of the Missouri River, River’s Edge Trail provides the perfect opportunity for walking, hiking, jogging, skating, cycling, and mountain biking. Enjoy paved and dirt trails.









2. Visit the C.M. Russell Museum

The C.M. Russell Museum aims to collect, preserve, research, interpret, and educate on the art and life of famed western artist Charles M. Russell. Visitors have a chance to see many of Russell's most iconic works, as well as those by his contemporaries. You can also tour the Charles M. Russell home, a blue, two-story frame house built in 1900 for $800, and Russell’s log studio was built adjacent to his home and is filled with authentic cowboy gear and Indian artifacts that Russell collected and used when he painted and sculpted.

3. Spend an afternoon exploring the shops and restaurants in downtown Great Falls.

Downtown Great Falls is home to numerous one-of-a-kind local restaurants, unique shops and entertainment venues. Downtown also offers an indoor climbing gym, yoga studio and escape room. Or try creating your own painting or sampling local microbrews.

4. Eat at a local restaurant.

Bert and Ernies, Electric City Coffee and Bistro, 3D International, Fire Pizza and The Road House are just a few options.

Giant Springs State Park5. Visit Giant Springs State Park.

Giant Springs is one of the largest natural springs in the United States. It's also home to one of the shortest rivers in the world. It's a great place to spend a hot summer day.








6. Take a day trip to Glacier National Park

Our Lake

7. Go for a hike on the Rocky Mountain Front

Chairlift and skiers at Showdown ski area

8. Take a drive to Showdown Ski Area. If it’s ski season, take a few runs. If it’s not, you’ll be treated to the beautiful scenery of the Little Belt Mountains.


Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

9. Tour the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
See the Great Falls, just below Ryan Dam, for which the city is named. To find the falls, head north on Highway 87 toward Havre. Turn east on Morony Dam Road and follow signs to Ryan Dam.