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Become a HealthCARE Montana Student

What does it mean to be a HealthCARE Montana student?

  • Have access to educational supportive services such as EdReady, Smart Thinking, and the Montana Career Information System
  • Receive assistance from the HealthCARE Transformation Specialist
  • Access to a HealthCARE Montana Career Coach

To become a HealthCARE Montana student:

  1. Set up an appointment with Eleazar Ortega, HealthCARE Transformation Specialist to enroll in supportive services. Download the enrollment form.
  2. Apply for admission
  3. Complete the admissions steps
  4. Register for courses

Already a current Great Falls College MSU student?

  1. Stop by Eleazar Ortega’s office in Student Central C108, or contact via phone or email to find out if you qualify and to enroll in supportive services
  2. Complete enrollment form if applicable. Download the enrollment form.

Contact Information

Eleazar Ortega

Eleazar Ortega
HealthCARE Transformation Specialist

Office in Student Central
(406) 771-5136