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HealthCARE Montana

HealthCARE (Creating Access to Rural Education) Montana is a collaborative project that helps train, recruit, and retain healthcare professionals in rural and frontier Montana by:

  • Helping prospective students identify and access pathways toward a healthcare certificate or 2-year degree, as well as supporting them throughout their healthcare education to ensure academic success;
  • Developing an accelerated nursing curriculum to guide healthcare providers toward higher levels of practice and to ease the nursing shortage in Montana;
  • Increasing opportunities for on-the-job training by developing healthcare apprenticeships; and
  • Building and sustaining a rural, "home-grown" healthcare workforce that serves the smallest communities in the farthest regions of Montana.

HealthCARE Transformation Specialists

HealthCARE Transformation Specialists oversee and manage the local implementation of the grant at their campus, as well as to help provide better and more open access to higher education that will increase employment opportunities for Montana residents. The HealthCARE Transformation Specialist at Great Falls College MSU is Eleazar Ortega,

Healthcare Career Coaches

Healthcare Career Coaches have been hired in every region across the state to find and recruit students interested in taking the first step toward a more profitable future in a healthcare career.  The coaches will focus on helping students choose the training and education that best aligns with their work-related goals, and will then work in concert with the Healthcare Transformation Specialist at the appropriate campus to help identify and coordinate financial aid and remedial learning programs, as well as support services related to family, work and education balance.

Curriculum Development

A group of engaged health care employers from across the state and representing a cross-section of provider types agreed to assist HealthCARE Montana with examining and streamlining the nursing and allied health curriculum and providing real time input on current health care employment needs.

Workforce Coordinators circulate questions and comments between HealthCARE Montana committees and employer Advisory Councils to help shape a workforce that will meet employer needs by means of Rapid Response Circular Communication.

Contact Information

Eleazar Ortega

Eleazar Ortega
HealthCARE Transformation Specialist

Office in Student Central
(406) 771-5136