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EMSI Career Coach will be coming soon to Great Falls College MSU!

Click here to view a demo (Please note, this site is a working demo.  Information regarding program and labor information may change without notice on the final release).

Click here to view the users guide

What is Career Coach?

Career Coach is a user friendly online tool that empowers students to connect real career opportunities to your specific programs by presenting easy to understand labor market data.

Career Coach Features:

• Live Career Coach Website, hosted and maintained by EMSI
• Features your college’s own logo, color’s and URL
• Contains all your colleges programs’ descriptions and contact information and
connects them to relevant occupations that can be modified at any time.
• Provides unsuppressed, quarterly updated EMSI Proprietary Occupation
information for over 900 occupations within the service area of your college.
This includes employment and earnings information for each occupation.
• Gives up to date job postings from right next to each occupation.
• Resume Builder
• Assessment Test