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The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan establishes the baseline for decision making across campus for college executives, staff, and faculty. Using and understanding data is critical when working to move the needle and helping students achieve success.

The Goal

Help every student define their purpose, path, and plan resulting in on-time completion.


Great Falls College MSU provides high quality educational experiences supporting student success and meeting the needs of our community.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Promote student success, leading to increased retention and completion

Integrate high quality, high impact practices.

Support students in articulating and attaining their educational goals.

Provide faculty and staff development to assist in developing, implementing, and assessing high quality, high impact practices.

Identify and implement opportunities for collaboration between curricular and co-curricular units to support student success.

Strengthen the student learning assessment process.

Strategic Goal 2: Increase enrollment and retention of General Education and General Studies students to ensure sustainability

Implement an integrated educational model to help reduce the time to graduation and increase satisfaction.

Encourage enrollment through the Connections 101 partnership.

Strategic Goal 3: Strengthen the campus culture and work environment.

Increase documentation and improve processes for shared governance.

Assess faculty and staff participation in health and wellness, personal, management, and professional development opportunities.