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Campus meeting
Separate orientation meeting for academic and administrative personnel


8/24 Nomination Forms available on website Complete
8/28 Distribute Criteria Template to Program Directors Complete
9/4 Nominations Due Complete
9/8 –9/11 Train Program Chairs in completing templates Complete
9/8 –9/11 Selection of Task Forces Complete
9/28 Initial meeting of Administrativeask Force Complete
9/29 & 9/30 Initial meeting of Academic TaskForce Complete
10/2 Program templates due Complete
10/2 Academic Task Force Meeting Complete
10/2 Administrative Questionnaires must be complete and turned in Complete
10/2 Academic Task force meeting & training Complete
10/5 Administrative Task Force Meeting Complete
10/5 Administrative task force meeting & training Complete
10/6 Academic Questionnaires with complete quantitative data sent to program heads Complete

Administrative Task Force receives copy of all Administrative Questionnaires

10/12 Academic Questionnaires must be complete and turned in  Complete
10/15 (tent.) Academic Task Force receives copy of all Academic Questionnaires  Complete
12/7 Task Forces complete their work and submit rankings to Facilitation Team  Complete
12/31 Programs are placed in quintiles and submitted to Dr. Wolff  
1/11 -1/12 Town Hall meetings presenting quintiles to faculty and staff  
1/15 Prioritization data posted on GFC website for public comment  
1/22 Public comment period closed  
3/1 Final prioritization decisions announced  
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