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Emergency Medical Technicians provide Basic Life Support (BLS) care to injured persons in prehospital settings by assessing the nature and extent of illness or injury to provide proper medical care, provide comfort and reassurance to patients, communicate with dispatchers or treatment center personnel to provide information about the situation, arrange reception of patients, or to receive instructions for further treatment. 

EMTs are also responsible for the maintenance of emergency response vehicles, medical, and communication equipment, as well as replenishing first aid equipment and supplies.  

Job Title Average Wage Annual Job Openings Expected Growth
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) MT: $29,060/yr
US: $35,470/yr
MT: 60
US: 13,900
MT: 13%
US: 7%

*Information obtained from O*NET OnLine and bls.gov

The Great Falls College EMT course is a one-semester, 7 college credit course that includes the following:


  • Traditional classroom lectures on campus typically two days per week; however selective course lectures can be attended/viewed via live video conferencing software or online recorded sessions.


  • Meet once per week on campus for traditional lab utilizing our state-of-the-art simulated hospital and ambulance.

Ambulance Ride Along With:

  • Great Falls Emergency Services
  • Great Falls Fire Rescue

About our EMT course:

  • The Great Falls College EMT course is open enrollment with no prerequisites. 
  • Our students have a 95% pass rate on the national EMT certification exam (NREMT).
  • On-campus and online college resources, such as:
    • Financial Aid
    • Disability Services
    • Free Tutoring
    • College Bookstore
    • Library
    • Scholarships
    • Access to our learning management system, D2L Brightspace, with support

To get started:

Emergency Medical Services Director


Joel Henderson

Joel Henderson

Office: Sim Hospital Area