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This program will prepare students to successfully become credentialed in veterinary technician.Graduates under the supervision of veterinarians, laboratory animal specialists, and zoological professionals are prepared to provide patient management, care and clinical procedures assistance as well as owner communication. It includes instruction in animal nursing care, animal health and nutrition, animal handling, clinical pathology, radiology, anesthesiology, dental prophylaxis, surgical assisting, clinical laboratory procedures, office administration skills, patient and owner management and applicable standards and regulations.  

Through Great Falls College, students can become a licensed veterinary technician in their hometown as the classroom portion will be taught online and labs and clinicals will be taken in the communities where students live with approved veterinary partners.

Classes will start in August of 2024, and the program will take five semesters to complete, including one summer session, so the first class will graduate in spring 2026 with an associate of applied science degree.

  • Program Accreditation: The Great Falls College veterinary technician program is pending Department of Education approval. The program will begin the process of initial accreditation from the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities under the American Veterinary Medical Association in May 2024. 

Veterinary Technicians

Job Title Average Wage Annual Job Openings Expected Growth
Veterinary Technician MT: $38,160/yr
US: $38,240/yr
MT: 100
US: 14,800
MT: 45%
US: 21%

*Information obtained from O*NET OnLine

Veterinary Technician Specialties

Job Title Median Wage(s) Information Obtained From
Emergency & Critical Care Vet Tech US: $79,000/yr
Oncology (Internal Medicine) Vet Tech US: $75,730-$92,276 |
Anesthesia & Analgesia Vet Tech US: $38,994-$79,816 |
Surgical Vet Tech US: $40,065
Equine Nursing Technician US: $33,838
Zoological Medical Technician US: $33,456


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  • Admission to Great Falls College: Students must be admitted to the college and must submit documents (proof of high school completion, immunization records and proof of math readiness) to complete their admissions file prior to the submission of the program application.   

Admission requirements and application found here:

  • Complete Step 1 above.
  • CLICK HERE For Program Application available May 1, 2024.
  • No application for the CTS of Veterinary Office will be considered until applicants have applied to the college and completed their admissions file (see step 1 for more details).
  • Applicants must also be in good academic standing with the institution. Good academic standing means students are not on academic probation/warning or academic probation/warning continued or academic suspension. The registrar’s office verifies academic standing. A student with good academic standing has a cumulative GPA that is greater or equal to 2.0 at Great Falls College.
  • Math and Writing Placement: Students must be able to show either through a placement test or successfully passed pre-requisite math and writing courses that they are prepared to take M105 (M140 preferred) in the Fall 2024 at the start of the Certificate of Technical Studies Veterinary Office program and WRIT 101/WRIT 121 in Spring 2025 at the start of the associate of applied science Veterinary Technician program.
  • 30 program spots are available.
  • For priority consideration, students should apply by June 14, 2024.
  • Students must be enrolled in the CTS of Veterinary Office to be eligible to apply for the Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technician.
  • All courses for this program will be online.

Important dates:

  • May 1, 2024: Applications for certificate of technical studies veterinary office will be available.  
  • June 14, 2024: Priority deadline for applications. Additional applications will be considered in the order they are received if spots are available.
  • July 15, 2024: Notification of acceptance for priority applicants.
  • August 12, 2024: Last day to submit applications for certificate of technical studies veterinary office.

Estimated Resident Program Costs*

Tuition and Fees: $9135.29 

Book/Supplies: TBA 

Total: $9135.29 + books/supplies 


*Fall 2024 MUS Student Health Insurance Premiums may be changing. Please check the Health Insurance website and/or Student Central for confirmed premium rates.  

C.T.S. Veterinary Office

The following courses must be completed prior to admission into the Veterinary Technician Program. All prerequisite coursework must be completed with a minimum grade of C (not a C-) in each course and a minimum cumulative GPA in prerequisite coursework of 2.5. Grades in prerequisite courses are a major factor in ranking applications for program acceptance. Science courses with labs must be completed within five (5) years of application to the program, and other courses must be completed within 15 years of applying to the program.  

Course Prefix and Number Course Title Credits
Semester Fall
BIOB 101 Discovery Biology with lab +   4
COMX 115 Interpersonal Communication OR SOCI 101 OR PSYX 100+   3
M105 OR any CORE math course +,** M 140 (preferred)  3-4
VET 101 Veterinary Medical Terminology +   2
VET 111 Veterinary Nursing I +   2
VET 141 Veterinary Office Procedures I +   2
VET 143 Veterinary Office Procedures II +,*   2

* Indicates prerequisites or corequisite is needed  
** Placement in course(s) is determined by placement assessment  
+  A grade of C (not C-) or above is required for graduation.  

A.A.S. Veterinary Technician (starting spring 2025)

Once enrolled in veterinary technician courses, a minimum of a grade of C (not C-) in all courses is required to continue in the program. The courses listed below are required in the program of study for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technician. The courses are offered at GFC MSU in the following sequence:  

Course Prefix and Number

Course Title Credits
Semester: Spring
WRIT 101/WRIT 121   College Composition OR Technical Writing+ **   3
VET 113   Veterinary Nursing II+*   2
VET 115   Veterinary Nursing Clinical I+*   1
VET 131   Veterinary Pharmacology I+*   2
VET 151   Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgical Nursing I+*   2
VET 161    Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging I+*    2
VET 171   Veterinary Pathology and Laboratory Procedures I+*   2
VET 201   Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology I+*   2
All students who complete the first year of the vet tech program will earn a Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Veterinary Assistant. Students are encouraged to complete the 2nd year of the Vet Tech program to earn their AAS and be eligible to take the national certification exam for Veterinary Technician and upon successfully passing the exam will be eligible to apply for their Montana Vet Tech license.  
VET 121   Animal Diseases I+*   2
VET 163   Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging II+*   2
VET 173   Veterinary Pathology and Laboratory Procedures II +*   2
VET 203   Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology II+*   2
Semester: Fall
VET 123   Animal Diseases II+*   2
VET 213   Veterinary Nursing Care III+*   2
VET 215   Veterinary Nursing Clinical II+*   1
VET 221   Animal Diseases III+*   2
VET 231   Veterinary Pharmacology II+*   2
VET 241   Laboratory & Exotic Animals +*   2
VET 251   Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgical Nursing II+*   2
VET 261   Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging III+*   1
Semester: Spring
VET 233   Veterinary Pharmacology III+*    2
VET 253   Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgical Nursing III+*  
VET 255   Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgical Nursing Clinical+*  
VET 271   Veterinary Pathology & Laboratory Procedures III+*  
VET 275   Veterinary Pathology & Laboratory Procedures Clinical +*  
VET 280   Large Animal Nursing+*  
VET 284   Large Animal Nursing Clinical+*  
VET 288   Veterinary Technician Examination Review+*  
  Credits 51 
  Total Program Credits 69-70

*Indicates prerequisites or corequisite is needed  

**Placement in course(s) is determined by placement assessment  

+ A grade of C (not C-) or above is required for graduation.  


*More information coming soon

  • Must be enrolled or have successfully completed Certificate of Technical Studies in Veterinary Office.
  • Program applications available during September 27, 2024.
  • Students are eligible to apply if they have successfully completed semester one of the program with a GPA of 2.5 or above.
  • 24 program spots are available.

Once accepted to the AAS program, students will:

  • Complete semester two and earn their Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Veterinary Assistant at the end of Spring 2025.
  • If students maintain good academic standing, they will continue in the next three semesters (Summer 2025, Fall 2025, Springs 2026) of the program to eventually earn the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Veterinary Technician. This will be completed at the end of Spring 2026.


  • All lecture courses will be online only.
  • Lab and clinic coursework will be completed in an approved veterinarian’s office/clinic.
    • Program students are responsible for securing veterinary partnerships for completion of their lab and clinic coursework. Great Falls College will assist with this process.
    • Program students may be required to travel to other veterinary clinics and hospitals both in and around Great Falls in order to meet program requirements.

Successfully complete the AAS in Veterinary Technician.

  • Once students complete the AAS degree, they will be eligible to take the national certification exam for Veterinary Technician.
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, students are eligible to apply for their Montana Veterinary Technician license.

Rabies Vaccine Notice: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people who work directly with animals that could have rabies receive a 2-dose PrEP with titer once every three years. If you have questions regarding this vaccination series, please speak to the program director., Annie Bryan, at 406.771.5155 or  

In many cases, the possibility of furthering one’s education leads to greater job satisfaction, professional recognition, and higher earning potential within one's field. After working in veterinary medicine, credentialed veterinary technicians may choose to specialize in one of the approved specialty areas of the NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America). Specialization offers credentialed veterinary technicians the opportunity to focus on a specific aspect of the field while advancing their careers by enhancing their skills, increasing their knowledge base, and providing more focused care to animals.

Veterinary Technician Specialties - NAVTA

Great Falls College Montana State University Veterinary Partners are defined as primary learning sites at which hands-on skills will be practiced. To be approved as a Veterinary Partner, veterinary facilities must meet certain minimum standards regarding hospital staff, equipment, and practice quality. Each Veterinary Partner site must agree to follow these standards to be approved. These minimum standards must be met to ensure students receive adequate exposure to quality veterinary medical practices and equipment.

Only practice owners, hospital administrators, or practice managers may complete application(s) and sign on behalf of the facility.

If you experience problems or require further instructions, contact:

 Annie Bryan | Phone: 406-771-5155 | E-mail: 


If you're interested in this program and want to visit with Admissions or schedule a campus visit, click here to Request Information.


Annie Bryan
Veterinary Technician Program Director
Office: R238
Phone: 406.771.5155