2018 Activities

  • The General Studies Division has begun implementing the new course-level assessment process. Following their rotation plans, each department will assess learning outcomes at the course level.
  • The Effective Communication College Learning Outcome is scheduled for assessment beginning this year. Departments that have designated CLO 1 as the primary CLO in their courses will propose signature assignments which will be scored using institutional rubrics.
  • CLOs will be assessed initially on the following schedule. Ongoing assessment of each CLO will occur based upon departmental assessment plans.

College Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle

  1. Effective Communication: 2018-2019
  2. Technical Literacy: 2019-2020
  3. Critical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning: 2020-2021
  4. Workforce Readiness: 2021-2022
  5. Citizenship: 2022-2023

Contact Information:

Mandy Wright

Mandy Wright
Director of Academic Assessment
English faculty/Department Chair