8-Wweek Advantage
Dual Enrollment - The Best of Both Worlds
Frequently asked questions for dual enrollment students and the 8-week schedule.

No. Concurrent classes will be offered the same as they have in the past. The change to eight week courses will affect on-line and in-person dual enrollment classes.

No. Students must still meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a high school that has a current dual enrollment agreement with GFC MSU. Home-schooled students may enroll through the school district in which they reside.
  • Be at least 16 years of age or a high school junior.
  • Meet prerequisites for the course including placement tests or proficiency scores.
  • Complete the Dual Enrollment Application and Registration/Release of Information Form. Have approval signatures of a parent or guardian, high school official, and designated college official. Forms can be found at admissions.gfcmsu.edu/highschool

We have always encouraged high school counselors and teachers to carefully consider which students they recommend for dual enrollment. Students should always be motivated, academically prepared for college rigor, and willing to work hard. Students must maintain good class attendance, have all textbooks and materials by the first day of class, and be willing to ask for help when they need it. All of these traits will be even more important in the condensed session as students will not have time to catch up if they get behind in their work.

The 8-Week Advantage should work very well for this type of student because it allows for greater flexibility. For example, a student who competes in a fall sport could register for their dual enrollment class to start in the second 8-week session so as not to interfere. For more information, see the academic calendar at students.gfcmsu.edu/academiccalendar.html

Students will register for all classes at the beginning of the semester. They cannot add classes at mid-semester.

No. Credits associated with courses will remain the same. Remember, it is the same 16- week course now condensed to 8 weeks. Course content and required outcomes are the same.

No, there is no limit. However, we strongly advise students to consider their high school, work, and activity schedule before registering for a rigorous college course. In this new 8-week model, students have the chance to earn more college credits in a shorter amount of time. This can help them get a head start of their college degree.

Dual Enrollment courses are still offered to students at a reduced rate (half the cost of regular tuition). Each 8-week course will cost $57.34 per credit. So, for a 3-credit course, students should expect to pay $172.02 per course.

Once a student has been registered for a course, they owe a bill with the College. Bills will be mailed to them. They are responsible to make payment arrangements with Student Accounts by the appropriate deadlines. There is a deferred payment plan option. If questions, please contact Student Accounts at 406-771-4315 or 406-771-5129 or studentaccounts@gfcmsu.edu.

Check with your local school district, foundation, or businesses. GFC MSU does not provide financial assistance other than the reduced price of tuition. Many school districts have scholarship funds available for dual enrollment students.

We encourage students to access the Weaver Library, the Technology Assistance Center, and tutoring services offered through the Academic Success Center. All of these services are available and free to any enrolled GFC MSU student and many are available online.

Students should plan and register for courses that provide a foundational knowledge of a subject area and/or count as required core classes. We encourage students to be strategic in selecting their dual enrollment courses and aim for taking high-value packages of credit. For example, a student can explore the field of finance and accounting by taking both a dual credit math course as well as an introductory business or accounting class.

Plan your classes based on your extracurricular schedule. For example if you play a sport during the first 8 weeks of the semester, you can take dual enrollment classes during the second 8 weeks.

Successful dual enrollment students are the ones who are motivated and willing to work hard. The 8-Week Advantage allows students to focus quickly on content and complete college classes in less time.

In an 8-week course, you’ll get a fast-paced look at a particular topic. You can decide if you want to take more classes like it or try something different the next time.

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