Conducting a Survey at GFC MSU

If you would like to conduct a survey to any member of the GFC MSU community (e.g., applicants, students, staff, faculty, or alumni) you must take the following steps before administering your survey:

Read the campus survey policy to determine if you need prior approval.

  • If your survey is exempt from approval, you may conduct your survey.
  • If your survey requires approval, please complete the Survey Request Form and attach necessary documents.

If you plan to share your survey results with anyone outside of GFC MSU, then you must also submit a copy of your MSU Bozeman Institutional Review Board (IRB) application and approval form with your Survey Request Form.


Survey Software

If you are a current GFC MSU student, staff, or faculty member you may use Qualtrics to conduct surveys electronically. Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Contact Information:

Eleazar Ortega

Eleazar Ortega, Ed.D.
Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness