Members (Voting)  
Executive Director of Student Affairs and Human Resources Mary Kay Bonilla
Director of Information Technology Philip Carr
Classified Staff at Large Vacant
Staff Senate Representative Vacant
Director of Academic Success Charla Merja
Director of Advising and Career Center Troy Stoddard
Executive Director of Community Relations Scott Thompson
Director of Academic Success and Accessibility Kathy Meier
Director of Facilities Services Gary Smart
Director of Financial Aid Leah Habel
Executive Director of Instruction & Student Success Dr. Leanne Frost
Director of CTE & CTE Quincie Jones
Executive Director of Operations Carmen Roberts
Director of Recruitment and Enrollment Shannon Marr
Faculty at Large Marla McFerrin
Faculty at Large Madilynn Lee
Faculty Senate Chair Jana Parsons
Student Government President or Designee Vacant  
Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)  
CEO/Dean Dr. Stephanie Erdmann
Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness Dr. Eleazar Ortega
Registrar Dena Wagner-Fossen