As faculty and staff at Great Falls’ only public institution of higher learning, we are stewards of growth for so many who come to our campus for scholastic and personal development. And as colleagues we strive to collectively foster an atmosphere of excellence that supports each of our endeavors.

This is why College AID, our opportunity to directly invest in our campus community is so vital. It allows us to provide financial support for our own efforts and those of our colleagues. With this dedication to ourselves and each other, we can ensure the current and future success of our great institution

Renewed Spirit
College AID is certainly not new on our campus; our faculty and staff have invested in campus programs for a number of years. However, in 2007 we take a fresh approach. Committed colleagues have already dedicated themselves to not only raising more money, but to ensuring these generous contributions are directly reinvested in the many great operations we all cherish. More importantly, our collective efforts aim to craft a renewed sense of spirit for learning and a stewardship here on campus.

Focused Approach
After discussing previous College AID efforts, two things became abundantly clear: One, internal investment is greatly supported on all levels, and two, colleagues want to know how much impact their contributions create. This is why we have structured a focused approach that will provide all faculty and staff an opportunity to fund specific programs and projects. More importantly, we have developed an internal grant that will allow colleagues from every facet of our campus community to apply for complementary funding. This simple and straight forward approach will ensure that no program or project will go without the opportunity to obtain much needed financial support. 

Invest in the growth and success of our campus community. Join your colleagues today by partnering in College AID.

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Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson
Communications and Marketing Director
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