Ask yourself, in ten to twenty years, what will Great Falls look like? 

  • Will it be a hub of economic activity?                                     
  • Will it be a center for commerce and growth?           
  • Will the Northcentral Montana region lead out state in progress and vitality? 

At Great Falls College MSU, we will help answer these questions by providing affordable access to public higher education that is responsive to the needs of both students and the community. But the impact of these answers will depend in part on private contributions and community support — all investments in the advancement of our Northcentral Montana region.

For Students
Give to Great Falls College MSU to impact the availability of educational access for the unique students we serve. Whether they be recent high school grads staying home to pursue general studies courses, single parents seeking a new career, veterans, current military members, or even retired neighbors looking for new skills, the students who come to our College for their higher learning needs are diverse individuals who have unique back stories and require equally unique private giving support for scholarship access. You can be a part of their success as a donor who wishes to see them advance as individuals. You can also be a part of our collective success as we continue to provide public higher education opportunities across our Great Falls community. 

For Community

As a two-year college, MSU–Great Falls is committed to the value of responsiveness to community need, especially as it relates to workforce development that can hold the key to future economic vitality here in Northcentral Montana. Our academic programs already feed local employers with well prepared and educated graduates. These are nurses, welders, web designers, accountants, surgical technicians, and interior designers to name a few. To help expand our current business community and prepare for the economy of tomorrow, private giving to our academic programs is needed to keep our equipment on cutting edge and our students on the forefront of new technologies and techniques. Giving to MSU–Great Falls helps us promote workforce advancement throughout Northcentral Montana.

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Scott Thompson
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