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Immediate Emergency Actions

Bomb Threat

If you receive a bomb threat over the telephone:

  1. Listen carefully to the details of the threat and try to keep the caller talking until you are able to get the answers to the following questions:
    1. What building?
    2. When will it go off?
    3. Where is the bomb?
    4. What floor?
    5. What part of the building (north, south, etc.)?
    6. What type of bomb? (chemical, mechanical, electrical, trip)
    7. What does it look like? (size, shape, color, etc.)
    8. Why was it placed there?
    9. Name of person calling?  (if not given, note gender, age, etc.)
  2. Note whether the caller is male or female, any distinctive voice characteristics the caller may have (i.e., accent, slurring, key words used), and any background noise that you may hear.
  3. When the caller hangs up, call 911 and tell the dispatcher all of the information you learned from the caller concerning the bomb and location. Be sure to give the dispatcher your name, office location, and telephone extension. Do not hang up until the dispatcher releases you.
  4. After you have contacted the Police Dispatcher, remain quiet about the threat and stay where you are until you are contacted by Police. Police, in cooperation with Campus Officials and the Great Falls Fire Department, will give the order to evacuate the building if necessary.

Suspicious Package

Do not touch or disturb the object.
  • Call 9999 from any campus phone. Provide as much information as possible about the threat or object.
  • Do NOT touch, move or open a suspicious item.
  • Do NOT alarm others or cause panic – do not discuss with others unless directed to do so.
  • Do NOT initiate fire alarm unless authorized to do so (Some explosive devices are sound sensitive and can be detonated by loud noise).
  • Notify your supervisor/resident staff.
  • Be prepared to evacuate.
  • If told to evacuate, as you leave, look around for anything suspicious and report to the authorities.

For More Information on Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages: