Chemical Spill IconChemical Spill


Chemical Spills, Accidents, Contamination

  • Report immediately to appropriate agency with information about affected area
  • Biological substance: County Health Department 454‐6950
  • Chemical substance: Fire Department 911
  • ASSIST CONTAMINATED VICTIMS to a safety shower/eyewash.
  • Use personal protective equipment to avoid contact.
  • Vacate area immediately and seal it off to prevent further contamination
  • Anyone who may be contaminated is to avoid contact with others
  • Remain in immediate vicinity, collect names of all exposed
  • As necessary, notify others in the vicinity to evacuate.
  • Pull Fire Alarm to evacuate the building or if a fire occurs.

Immediate Emergency Actions

If you see a chemical spill, detect a strange odor or witness people showing signs of chemical exposure:
  • Move away from the hazard to a safe location.
  • Proceed to emergency exits; DO NOT use elevators.
  • Help those needing assistance.
  • Stay up-wind and uphill from any hazardous vapor, gas or liquid.
  • Report by calling 911 or the Crisis Response Team by dialing 9999 on any campus phone.
  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel and be prepared to evacuate or shelter in place.
  • Alert others to stay clear of the area.
  • Notify emergency personnel if you have been exposed to the hazard or have information about the release.

DO NOT go back into an area where a chemical spill has occurred.