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In the event of an accident or illness that results in an emergency:

Medical Emergency

  • Call 911 for serious injury.
  • Campus Crisis Team will respond during normal business hours (M-F) for assistance and first aid.
  • Provide first aid as training permits.
  • Whenever possible, notify a campus employee.

Dial 911 and give:

  • Your name and phone number.
  • Building/campus location and room number.
  • Provide complete information concerning the nature of the accident or illness and the condition of the victim(s)
  • DO NOT move any injured or ill person unless life-threatening circumstances dictate.  Make the injured or ill person comfortable until emergency personnel arrive.
  • DO NOT give the injured or ill person any medications other than their own. The person must provide at least verbal authorization.

Call the Crisis Response Team (9999 on any campus phone) to also respond and assist.

NOTE: Some behaviors may appear to be drug or alcohol related, but may be due to medical conditions.